Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quiche and W.I.P. Wednesday

This beautiful Quiche is thanks to Bryanna Clark Grogan's recipe she posted the other day. I used broccoli, swiss chard, mushrooms and roasted red bell peppers as the veggies. Yum! I loved it.


I'm a little late, but the W.I.P. roundup last week of all the love bears inspired me to make one. Perfect gift for a little friend.

Go here to see a list of all the participating bloggers.
Guess I'm not feeling too chatty today. That is all.


  1. your quiche looks mighty tasty & you picked the most perfect veggies for it too!

  2. adorable love bear and the quiche looks super yummy!

  3. Alicia that Love Bear is just adorable! I'd also just love a slice of that quiche, please!

  4. Thanks everyone. I'm having leftovers right now and it is sooooo good.

  5. oh alicia, i want a little love bear!