Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good things take time

This is so true when it comes to a good slow cooker recipe.
I made Robin Robertson's Slow-Cooker Seitan Pot Roast today. I've made it many times and love it. It smells so wonderful when it is cooking. I have to admit, I was skeptical on how it would turn out the first time I made it. But it firms up nicely and makes a very flavorful, juicy seitan roast. And the veggies are a nice bonus! It helps to know your slow-cooker when making this. Robin's recipe suggests a cooking time of 4 hours on low. I have to put my slow-cooker on high to get it done in that time frame. She talks about this in her recipe. Make sure to check out her blog, Vegan Planet, for all kinds of great recipes.

Okay, enough writing about it...I'm going to go eat some!


  1. That looks awesome! I'll check out the link >:o)

  2. So much veggie goodness!! Mouthwatering!

    Thank you for entering my juicer giveaway - I'm just catching up with all the entries! Your superpower was so creative and I want it! :)