Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Whatever we have dinner

Today was grocery shopping day, so last night I had to rummage around in my fridge, freezer and pantry to come up with dinner. And it turned out great!
I found a block of firm tofu that I had forgotten about in my fridge. The expiration date on it said March 1st. So I knew I had to use the tofu in whatever I was making. I also had pasta. So I went to Notes from the Vegan Feast Kitchen (Bryanna Clark Grogan's blog) and searched tofu and pasta. One of the recipes that came up was Bryanna's Quick Creamy Sauce for Pasta. It actually called for Silken tofu, but the firm I had worked just fine. I made the sauce and boiled the pasta. Then looked around for veggies. I cut the extra 1/2 block of tofu into small cubes and sauteed it with some carrot, diced up small and some frozen corn and frozen pearl onions that I had thawed. It came together quickly and was very tasty. Actually, I found out I'm not a fan of pearl onions. I ate around them. I'm sure I'll be making this sauce again though.
As I mentioned last week on W.I.P. Wednesday, I have been working on a bracelet idea. Here are the results of my first and second attempts. The first attempt, I really like the pattern, but the closure was a big button that I didn't like (not shown). The second attempt I used pearl snaps for closure. I like this better, but the striping pattern I did made it look like a sweat band. Not what I'm going for. I'm also experimenting with widths and as you can see from this picture I need to figure out a more finished look for the backs.
Work In Progress for sure!


  1. What a fun idea - I think it's so fun to play with something new and see what happens. Fabric bracelets are a great idea!