Saturday, March 7, 2009

Grilling out

It was a beautiful day to grill outside on Friday. I had some left over lentils and rice from Thursday's Vegan Swiss Steak, so I used them to make Lentil Confetti Salad. This is a cold salad from The Vegetarian No-Cholesterol Barbecue Cookbook.
This is a great cookbook for veggie burger recipes, salads and basic grilling tips.I also used the rest of the red, yellow and green bell peppers and grilled them with some tofu. I didn't use much in the way of spices on these. In fact, none at all on the veggies. So it probably could have used some, but sometimes it is nice to just taste the veggies. So not much to say about this meal, except that it was a nice summery meal on a beautiful 'is it spring yet?' day.Check out those grill lines!


  1. Hooray for grilling weather! I see you have a cookbook I don't yet have in my collection - it sounds like one I need to get.

  2. I love veggie grilling. The food looks awesome. I am really enjoying it being light out later.