Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fried Rice

Last night I made some Fried Rice for dinner. My husband has been experimenting with the wok lately. I have never been that great at using our wok, but after watching him make some great meals from it I decided to give it a go. We have been using a cookbook called Chinese Meatless Cooking by Stella Lau Fessler. I picked it up at a garage sale or thrift store a few years ago. It is not a vegan cookbook; in fact it even includes fish sauce in some recipes. But I just make substitutions as needed.
The fried rice recipe included Five-Spice Pressed Bean Curd Cakes which I had made earlier in the day. That involved pressing the tofu, simmering it in a marinade and then letting it sit in the marinade for at least 4 hours. Once you have that on hand and some freshly steamed or leftover rice, the Fried Rice comes together very quickly in the wok. Seriously, like 3 minutes of cooking time. We are finding that you really have to have everything prepped and ready to go when you are using a wok.

Today I used some more of the Five-Spice Pressed Bean Curd on a bagel with soy mayo and spinach. It made a great sandwich.

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